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Military Artifacts from the Museum's Collection

Artifact Collection

In addition to aircraft, The Museum of Flight collects and preserves all types of aviation and space artifacts. Some of these are on exhibit, while many more are stored, awaiting research, loan, or future display. All are carefully indexed, photographed, and stored. Highlights of our object collection include:

  • Nearly 6,000 pieces in our garment collection, including flight attendant uniforms, military uniforms, and insignia
  • The smallest artifact in the collection is a carved white elephant, carried into space by astronaut Michael Collins on the Apollo 11 mission. It is 1/16 of an inch tall!
  • The largest artifact (besides the airplanes of course!) in the collection is a Boeing SST cutaway model. It is 15 feet long!
  • The Edward Young collection contains over 4,000 pilot and aircrew pins and patches from over 50 countries, dating back to the 1920s
  • The Museum’s model collection contains over 2,000 examples of desk models, model kits, wind tunnel models, and product and prototype models.
  • Among the more than 200 aircraft engines in our collection, is the very rare Walter HWK 109.
  • The collection of NASA astronaut Deke Slayton containing his personal daily pocket planners from the years 1963-1976 and 1991-92
  • Furniture made by the Boeing Airplane Company from 1919 to 1921
  • The Seat from Wiley Post’s Lockheed Orion-Explorer
  • The Mailbag from the First International Air Mail Flight, 1919
  • Playing cards from Air Force One
  • A pair of cowboy boots belonging to Tex Johnston, world famous test pilot for Boeing worn on the first flight of the Boeing YB-52
  • One of the first United Air Lines Flight Attendant uniforms from 1934, back when Flight Attendants also had to be registered nurses!

Access to Object Collection is by appointment only. Please see the Museum Research Area for information on obtaining an appointment to visit.