Airpark is Closed

All aircraft temporarily closed

Airpark Schedule

Airpark Closed: Jan 20
787 Closed: Jan 26
Aircraft Move: Jan 31
Airpark Re-opens: Feb 14

**Airpark Update**

Visitor Information

  • Airpark Closed: January 20
  • Boeing 787 closed: January 26
  • Aircraft moved to new location: January 31
  • Airpark re-opened for visitors at new location: February 14


The Museum of Flight Airpark

Walk among the giants of aviation in the Museum of Flight's Airpark currently home to America's First jet Air Force One, the very first 747, the original 737, a Boeing 727, the sleek Concorde, and a Lockheed Super-G Constellation.

Take a closer look at some of these giants, and climb aboard Air Force One and Concorde.

Admission for Airpark can be purchased in the main Museum building or in the Charles Simonyi Space Gallery, adjacent to the Airpark.

New: Tour the 787 Dreamliner!

Starting Friday, December 5, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner ZA003 will be open for public viewing daily from 11:30am to 3:30pm (weather permitting).*

*access to the Dreamliner is located just North of the main Museum building, next to the airport.