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Taylorcraft Model A

The Museum's Taylorcraft Model A on display at the Restoration Center
Manufacturer: Taylorcraft USA
Model: Model A
Year: 1937
Span: 10.73m / 35ft
Length: 6.83m / 22ft
Height: 2.03m / 7ft
Wing Area: 16.54m² / 178ft²
Empty Weight: 255.38kg / 563lbs
Gross Weight: 439.99kg / 970lbs
Maximum Speed: 139.98km/h
Cruise Speed: 119.07km/h / 74mph
Power Plant: Continental A-40A engine
Range: 337.89km / 210miles
Serial Number: 398
Registration: N19893


Taylorcraft Model A

The birth of Taylorcraft came in early 1936 when city fathers offered Clarence Gilbert Taylor the old Hess-Argo factory rent-free in order to encourage new industry. William C. Young entered the picture as a partner in April of 1937, and city support was dramatically demonstrated in late 1937 in the sale to townspeople of more than 35,000 shares of company stock for needed capital. The prototype was built by Taylor Aviation Company and subsequent planes were produced by the newly hyphenated Taylor-Young Airplane Company. With company reorganization in 1938, the company's name became Taylorcraft and the Taylor-Young A became known and advertised as the Taylorcraft A.

The Taylorcraft A is a classic C.G. Taylor design. This is one of over 1,837 airplanes built, the plane is powered by a Continental A-40A engine.