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Stearman PT-13A Kaydet (A75)

A Stearman PT-13A Kaydet (A75)
Manufacturer: Stearman Aircraft Company
Model: PT-13A
Year: 1937
Span: 9.81m / 32ft
Length: 7.32m / 24ft
Height: 2.8m / 9ft
Wing Area: 27.63m² / 297ft²
Empty Weight: 878.17kg / 1,936lbs
Gross Weight: 1232.43kg / 2,717lbs
Maximum Speed: 199.52km/h
Cruise Speed: 170.55km/h / 106mph
Power Plant: One Lycoming R-680 engine (this one has a Continental R-670 engine)
Range: 812.54km / 505miles
Serial Number: 75-055
Registration: N8FL



Stearman PT-13A Kaydet (A75)

The Stearman "Kaydet," originally designed for civilian aviation, was adopted by the U.S. Army and Navy as a primary trainer from 1936 to 1945. Known as "Stearmans," they were actually built by Boeing who, in 1934, had acquired the Stearman Aircraft Company. The design was practically considered an antique when introduced, but the biplanes were rugged, maneuverable, and ideal for the rigors of military flight training. Most Stearmans survived the war and many became prized as crop dusters and airshow performers.

The Museum's "Kaydet" was manufactured as an Army PT-13A, but was restored with the Continental R-670 engine used in the PT-17 model. Built in 1937, it was the 55th of over 8,585 "Kaydets" produced.