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Ryan M-1

The Museum's Ryan M-1 on display in the Great Gallery (Photo by Heath Moffatt)
Manufacturer: Ryan Aeronautical Company
Model: M-1
Year: 1926
Span: 10.97m / 36ft
Length: 7.32m / 24ft
Wing Area: 21.13m² / 228ft²
Empty Weight: 703.08kg / 1,550lbs
Gross Weight: 1224.72kg / 2,700lbs
Maximum Speed: 201.12km/h
Cruise Speed: 176.99km/h / 110mph
Power Plant: One Hispano-Suiza 150 h.p. engine
Range: 643.6km / 400miles
Serial Number: HN-1
Registration: N46853

Ryan M-1

The Ryan M-1, dubbed "the plane that pays a profit," was America's first production civil monoplane and, starting on September 15, 1926, was the first commercial plane to fly with Pacific Air Transport (PAT) along the West Coast. PAT's six M-1s linked Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The cost was high -- five of PAT's original M-1s crashed the first year.

The Museum's M-1 is thought to be the first Ryan airframe built. It was abandoned in 1932 after it overturned during an emergency landing in Paso Robles, California. Recovered in 1980, it was restored by Ty Sundstrom.

Help us preserve this historic artifact for future generations. Click here to find out about the Museum's Adopt-A-Plane program.