Rutan Model 54 Quickie Q1

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Quickie Aircraft Corp. at the Rutan Aircraft Factory
Model 54 Quickie Q1
Restoration Center, Everett
Restoration Center, Everett

This is the Tom Jewett, Burt Rutan, and Gene Sheehan design prototype of what would become a popular composite material airplane for kit or home-builders. Designed as a two-weekend project for the home builder the plane was powered by a 20-horsepower engine. Meant to echo the look of the X-Wing fighters from the movie Star Wars, according to Burt Rutan the principle designer, it appears to be a modified canard design or biplane but in reality is a tandem wing aircraft. The majority of the lift is developed in the front wing which is fitted with elevators and the forward landing gear. The aft wing, located on the upper part of the fuselage behind the cockpit serves also as the horizontal stabilizer. The fuselage sweeps and narrows dramatically to the tail which is fitted with a wheel. As with most Rutan aircraft it combines composite construction and leading edge aerodynamics to create an exciting and unusual looking aircraft.