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Piasecki H-21B (CH-21B) Workhorse

The Museum's Piasecki H-21B (CH-21B) Workhorse at the Restoration Center
Manufacturer: Piasecki Aircraft Corp.
Model: H-21B Workhorse
Year: 1951
Length: 16m / 53ft
Height: 4.88m / 16ft
Rotor Diameter: 13.41m / 44ft
Empty Weight: 4039.76kg / 8,906lbs
Gross Weight: 6804kg / 15,000lbs
Maximum Speed: 188.25km/h
Cruise Speed: 162.83km/h / 101mph
Power Plant: One Wright R-1820-103 Cyclone engine
Range: 804.5km / 500miles
Serial Number: 53-4366
Registration: N6797


Piasecki H-21B (CH-21B) Workhorse

The Piasecki H-21B Workhorse commonly know as the "flying banana" was designed and built to be a multi-mission helicopter, well suited to even arctic rescue because it could handle the freezing temperatures and could be outfitted with skis. The nickname "flying banana" comes from the unusual fuselage tilt to accommodate the two large rotors.

Seeing its first military service in the French Air Force in the Algerian War the CH-21B deployed in the Vietnam Conflict as a troop carrier and would gain the nickname of "Workhorse of Vietnam" until the arrival of the UH-1 Huey. Around 550 of the versatile "choppers" were made by the Pennsylvania-based Piasecki Helicopter Corporation, 163 of which were the H-21B-model.