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General Motors (Eastern Aircraft Division) FM-2 Wildcat

Manufacturer: General Motors Corp., Eastern Aircraft Division
Model: FM-2 Wildcat
Year: 1943
Span: 11.5824m / 38ft
Length: 8.81482m / 29ft
Height: 3.02362m / 10ft
Wing Area: 24.154m² / 260ft²
Empty Weight: 2471.21kg / 5,448lbs
Gross Weight: 3751.73kg / 8,271lbs
Maximum Speed: 534.188km/h
Cruise Speed: 263.876km/h / 164mph
Power Plant: Wright Cyclone R-1820 engine
Range: 1448.1km / 900miles
Serial Number: 74512

General Motors (Eastern Aircraft Division) FM-2 Wildcat

Designed in 1939, the Grumman Wildcat was America's most capable naval fighter in the battles of the Coral Sea, Midway, and Guadalcanal. By exploiting its advantages of firepower and armor, and using advanced tactics, the Wildcat competed successfully against the faster and more agile Japanese Zero.

The Grumman Aircraft Company suspended Wildcat production in May of 1943 to concentrate on producing the new F6F Hellcat. The Eastern Aircraft Division of General Motors also built Wildcats as the FM-1 and FM-2. This aircraft is an FM-2 with the more powerful Wright Cyclone R-1820 engine.