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Boeing 247D

The Museum's Boeing 247D at the Restoration Center
Manufacturer: Boeing Aircraft Company
Model: 247D
Year: 1934
Span: 22.56m / 74ft
Length: 15.72m / 52ft
Height: 3.7m / 12ft
Wing Area: 77.68m² / 836ft²
Empty Weight: 4147.72kg / 9,144lbs
Gross Weight: 6191.64kg / 13,650lbs
Maximum Speed: 321.8km/h
Cruise Speed: 304.1km/h / 189mph
Power Plant: Two Pratt & Whitney S1H1-G "Wasp" 550 horsepower engines
Range: 1198.7km / 745miles
Serial Number: 1729
Registration: N13347



Boeing 247D

The first modern airliner, the Boeing 247 marked the beginning of a new era. Versatile, easy to maneuver, and economical to operate, the 247 quickly outperformed other transports of the period. United Air Lines, which had a monopoly on the production of 247s, was soon outdistancing its competition. This forced TWA to go to Douglas Aircraft to request a new plane which could compete with -- even outperform -- the 247. The result of this challenge was the development of one of the most significant planes in aviation history -- the Douglas DC-3.