The Aerospace Camp Experience (ACE) has exciting programs and activities, caring and knowledgeable staff and a world-class museum to explore. Only with The Museum of Flight can campers launch rockets, create aircraft, experience microgravity, build robots and pilot actual airplanes.

ACE is an American Camp Association (ACA) accredited day camp for the child who is excited about aerospace and aviation and is the recipient of the ACA Gordie Hamilton Award for Excellence in Camping Programming. All campers are welcome at ACE regardless of gender, race, national origin, or religious affiliation. If you have an inquiring mind and want to have fun this summer exploring aviation and aerospace, ACE is the camp for you!

The Museum of Flight Aerospace Camp Experience, with support from United Airlines, strives to accommodate all children within the constraints of our facility and our programs to providing enriching educational experiences to any and all eager minds.

To get more information about ACE or to accommodate special needs or physical restrictions prior to registration, contact 206-716-0820.

*NEW* SpACEgiving 2016!

For all students in grades 2 - 5.

Register for SpACEgiving 2016

Exclusive Connections registration begins October 14th.

Now that Thanksgiving dinner is finished there are still three days of vacation left! At ACE, we think the holiday is just the beginning because Black (Hole) Friday is the first day of SpACEgiving!!!

For three days, campers will learn about space as we talk turkey about our Solar System!

Each day we will celebrate our neighbors in the Solar System including the Sun, all eight planets, dwarf planets, the Asteroid Belt, and beyond. So come join us for our first-ever celebration of ACE’s favorite fall holiday!

Camp Hours

This weekend camp session runs Friday, November 25 through Sunday, November 27, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Camper Appreciation

At the end of each camp week, we showcase all of our camps at the Camper Appreciation. Here we sing camp songs, view a PowerPoint of the week, and call each group on stage to give them recognition and appreciation! No worries if you missed the ceremony, the presentations for each week are listed below.

Summer 2016 Camper Appreciation Presentations:

June 20 - June 24: Camp Week 1 (PreK-7)

June 20 - June 24: Camp Week 1 (Paine Field)

June 27 - July 1: Camp Week 2 (PreK-12)

July 5 - July 8: Camp Week 3 (PreK-9)

July 11 - July 15: Camp Week 4 (PreK-9)

July 18 - July 22: Camp Week 5 (PreK-9)

July 25 - July 29: Camp Week 6 (PreK-9)

August 1 - August 5: Camp Week 7 (K-9)

August 8 - August 12: Camp Week 8 (PreK-9)

August 15 - August 19: Camp Week 9 (PreK-9)

August 22 - August 26: Camp Week 10 (PreK-9)

August 29 - September 2: Camp Week 11 (PreK-7)

August 29 - September 2: Camp Week 11 (Paine Field)

November 25 - 27: SpACEgiving 2016!

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