Every April, Yuri’s Night parties and events are held around the world to mark Yuri Gagarin becoming the first human to venture into space (April 12, 1961) and the inaugural launch of the space shuttle 20 years later.

This year the Museum joins the global celebration of humanity’s past, present, and future in space with its first Yuri’s Night bash on April 14!

Yuri’s Night at the Museum is a 21+ dance party with music, smarts, tech and arts. The 7-11PM event will offer a cash bar, food trucks, aerospace guest stars and dance music provided by Noise Complaint. Activities will include Mixed-Reality experiences, roaming robots and a contest for the evening’s best space-themed attire from fact or fantasy. All of this in Seattle’s most celestial place—the Museum’s towering space gallery, surrounding the Space Shuttle Trainer, Soyuz spacecraft and today’s New Space ventures.

Tickets: SOLD OUT
Food & drink are available for purchase on site.
One drink ticket included with admission.


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About Noise Complaint

Gone is the party where the music and the people at the party mattered more than making money. As Electronic Dance Music has exploded in popularity over the last several years, so have crowds and ticket prices along with it. In the beginning, events were held in underground, often intimate venues. It was about the music, and it was about each other.

Noise Complaint is taking it back to its roots, bringing the people quality, dance floor focused house and techno all while pushing that party-don't-stop vibe that everyone loves. We're bringing in huge talent - DJs and producers that are well known and respected but that we also personally vibe with. We're doing this at a small price, and in an intimate space. It's about the music for us, it's about the party and the vibe and the memories and friends you will make. Every Noise Complaint should be the best party you've been to since well, the last Noise Complaint.

We're more than just a party, we're a movement.

DJ - Subset

Live Percussion by AMMO

Meet Our Space Ambassadors!

What’s better than partying with an astronaut? Get to know the aerospace guest stars you’ll be meeting and mingling with at Yuri’s Night!

Chris Lewicki is the President and CEO of Planetary Resources, an asteroid mining company.

Erik Lindbergh is the Co-Founder of XPRIZE, a non-profit that funds innovative space projects.

Scott Schoneman is Chief Engineer at Spaceflight, which provides space launch and mission services.

So-yeon Yi is the first South Korean and 49th woman to fly in space.

Marilyn Ferguson is a Software Engineer at Blue Origin, an aerospace manufacturing company.

Costume Contest Categories

  • Blast from the Past - A famous figure from the history of space flight.
  • Space Invaders - The creatures you imagine lurking in faraway galaxies.
  • Freaky Futures - The couture fashions we'll see in our future in space!

Questions about costumes or attire? Please see our Costume Policy.

Food Trucks

Mixed-Reality Experience | Galaxy Explorer

Explore the Milky Way like never before. Immerse yourself in the most realistic holographic view of our galaxy and see what 100 billion planets look like from all angles. Dive in further to explore individual solar systems, stars and planets to learn more about each. Walk around the Sun, see Saturn’s rings up close, and marvel at the beauty of planet Earth just as Yuri did 57 years ago.

Sponsored by Microsoft

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