• Restoring the 747
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Restoring the 747

Restoring the "Queen of the Skies"

Forty-five years ago, she made history, ushering in the era of the jumbo jet and changing the face of commercial flight. A giant of the skies, it made our world smaller and mesmerized the people of the Pacific Northwest, us included.

When the 747 dubbed The City of Everett (RA001) took her inaugural flight on February 9, 1969, it was an enormous day for both of us. And just as we are tremendously proud to be a part of the Boeing 747’s legacy—as chief engineer and co-pilot on the first flight—we’re equally proud to be a part of her renewal at The Museum of Flight. 

Since accessioning the first 747, the Museum and its dedicated team have been faithfully caring for the aircraft, but Seattle’s damp climate takes a toll, and The City of Everett is showing signs of wear. That’s why the Museum has embarked on an ambitious project—a complete external restoration to return her to first flight conditions.

The restoration is not a simple task. The project is taking place onsite, in the Museum’s Airpark. The City of Everett, after a thorough wash and sand, is undergoing a fresh paint job in almost the exact scheme from its rollout on September 30, 1968, including the replication of more than two dozen airline logos that adorned the front of the fuselage.  The restoration of the 747 is a precursor to the Museum’s west campus expansion and the covering of the Museum’s commercial aircraft.

You can help the Museum bring The City of Everett back to her first flight glory by making a gift to this historic restoration project. Gifts of any size help, and all gifts designated to the 747 will go to her restoration and continued care at The Museum of Flight so future generations can experience the first “Queen of the Skies.” 

To make your gift online, please visit our donation form and select "747" to indicate your support for City of Everett.

Help Restore the 747

Thank you for your generous and continued support of aircraft restoration at The Museum of Flight – and thank you for helping to inspire the next generation of explorers, innovators, and adventurers.



Joe Sutter
Chief Engineer, Boeing 747 Project

Brien Wygle
Boeing Test Pilot